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Why Philippines

Why Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines comprises one of the world’s largest Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the Philippines enjoys good understanding and characteristics with the western world.

Most of the parents believe that the Philippines is the right destination for their children to study as it offers numerous valid and good reasons along with quality education.

Benefits Of Philippines

As English is an official language of the Philippines, along with Filipino, the medium of teaching is English in a lot of reputed universities and medical schools. Therefore, it encourages foreign students to pursue their studies in the Philippines.

Since the Philippines boasts a tropical climate, the Indian students adapt well and quick and feel more at home and at ease.

The health conditions of the patients of Philippines and their medical concerns, match that of the Indians. Hence, Indian students need not hesitate to put their medical knowledge and practice gained in the Philippines into use in India.

Living In Philippines

Filipinos are great hosts. They are friendly and understanding. Philippines enjoys diverse races of people from different regions. The country is extremely safe, even for foreigners, women and children.

Living and travel expenses in Philippines are extremely affordable.

Affordable MBBS College in Philippines

Easy availability of student visa

The Philippines has a tropical climate, just like India. So, if you study MBBS in the Philippines, you’ll be taught and trained for the same conditions as you would have if you were studying MBBS in India.


Living cost in the Philippines is almost at par with any urban setup of India, making it a favorable choice for an Indian student.

Because the medical education system in the Philippines is based on the USA standard, it becomes easy for one to choose postgraduate or career options in first world countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc after completing MBBS in the Philippines.

Faculties in the Philippines are English-speaking only, and a large share of them are employed from the countries like the USA and India.

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